Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Travel to Myanmar

Now, Burma ( or Myanmar ) is finally opening up to the world and be sure to become the next tourist destination of choice in South East Asia. Formally known as Burma, this country rich in history and culture has been all but cut off from outside influences and tourist practices, making it a very real and unique experience. Burma is changing strongly in the coming years so there is no better time to plan a travel Burma.

Travel to Burma and discover a country of mythical landscapes, ancient treasures and some of the friendliest folk you’ll ever meet. From golden-gilded Buddha’s in Yangon and the magical temples of Bagan to the tranquility of Inle Lake, Burma will be exciting, impress and intrigue you. A visit to Burma is to experience the South-East Asia of twenty years ago.
We would like to suggest you some places that can not missed when you plan a travel to Burma.

- Relax on a riverboat cruise to Mandalay
- Explore the magnificent temples of Bagan
- Discover Burma’s ‘Jewel City’
- Trek through rarely visited alpine villages
- Delve into the underground at Pindaya
- Admire Yangon’s golden Shwedagon Paya

Best of Laos tour

In the travel to Burma, visitors can expect to be dazzled by shimmering cities of gilded temples, enlivened by emerald green landscapes and humbled by the warm smiles of gracious villagers.

Destination summary

Formerly named Rangoon, Yangon is home to the holiest of all shrines at Shwedagon Paya, which glitters with gold and precious gems and is said to contain 8 hairs of the Buddha. This is the first choice for all clients who travel to Myanmar.

Dating back to the 11th and 12th centuries, the ancient religious center of Bagan features countless brick and gilded temples which dot the skyline in many shapes and forms.

Ayeyarwaddy River
A cruise on the Ayeyarwaddy River offers a unique opportunity to witness the simple daily activities of life along the river as local villages and beautiful landscapes pass by.

Once known as ‘the golden city’, Lord Buddha is said to have left his mark on Mandalay Hill in the form of a footprint, signalling wealth and prosperity for the land standing before it.

As a former British hill station, Kalaw makes a welcome retreat from the heat of the lower-lying areas and the surrounding hills are the home to various ethnic minority groups.

Inle Lake
The resort town of Nyuangshwe lies at the northern end of Inle Lake, which is the life-blood for many ethnic communities found in stilt houses along the lake’s shallow fringes.

Top 5 Temples of Burma

Shwedagon Paya: As one of the most sacred sites in Burma, this glittering pagoda located in Yangon is a must-see for travellers wishing to learn about the Buddhist faith and culture in Burma. The bell-shaped golden stupa is stunning, while the surrounding statues and satellite shrines provide insight into Burmese culture and mysticism.

Dhammayangyi: The largest temple in the impressive Bagan complex, centuries-old Dhammayangyi, features elaborate brickwork, dark passages filled with shrines and serene figures of Buddha. With its construction shrouded in historical mystery, the identity of the architect/builder of this unfinished temple is still unknown.

Shwezigon: One of Bagan’s most popular pilgrimage spots, Shwezigon is a significant place of worship for many Burmese people. With elaborate, gilded stupas, decorated staircases and golden, ornamental trees, this is one of Burma’s most beautiful temples.

Mahamuni: Grand columns, bright frescoes, peaceful pavilions, reflective pools and a massive golden Buddha statue combine to make this one of Burma’s most visually appealing and interesting spiritual sites. As an active monastery, school for monks and place of worship, expect Bagan’s Mahamuni to be busy with daily rituals and yearly religious festivals.

Ananda: While not the largest or most elaborate temple, Bagan’s symmetrical Ananda rises majestically into the sky with a certain sense of grace. Damaged by an earthquake in the 1970s, Ananda has been lovingly restored to former glory and continues to elicit admiration and wonder from both locals and visitors.